Biography of Steve Zazenski

 A  full time artist since 1978, Steve is known for his exciting and  colorful landscapes, ranging from coastal New England to Europe and the  Caribbean.

Steve paints in both transparent watercolor and gouache, an opaque watercolor, depending on the subject at hand.

An  intense feeling of light is apparent in all his work, as well as a  strong sense of design. " I use the natural and man made objects I see  as design elements that combine to form interesting combinations of  light and mass."

A  signature member of the American Watercolor Society, and longtime  member of the New Jersey Watercolor Society, Steve has won numerous  awards for his work.

​They  include awards from the NJWS, Salmagundi club, Garden State Watercolor  Society, American artists Professional League, Washington Square Outdoor  Art Show, Rittenhouse Sq. Outdoor Exhibit, Rockport Art Assn, and many  local and regional art shows.

  • Public and Private collections include:
  •   Library of Congress
  •   Smithsonian Institution
  •   First National Bank of NJ
  •   Angostura International
  •   Bell Telephone
  •   Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  •   Mr&Mrs Edmund Muskie
  •   Mr&Mrs Richard Kiley                                                                            
  •   Rupert  Holmes       

  •   Lech Walesa                                                                                                                   
  •   Barney Frank

  •  Cokie & Steven Roberts